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Question Question: What is Linkfortwo;

Linkfortwo is an online place to register a relationship (link) between two.


At Linkfortwo you can search for other relationships and see useful statistics.


You can see links duration into time and when other people are celebrating at same place but at different dates. 


You can get online notifications and show your loved one(s) that you really care and many more! 

Question Question: Who can i link with me;

Linkfortwo was developed to celebrate an important relationship date like your first date, wedding date e.t.c that took place in an important location like the place you met for the first time.

Actually it's up to you for which you want to link, you can link anybody you love, i.e your child and his birthday, or any other important relationship between two!

Question Question: Do i have to use a nickname;
Nicknames are not mandatory, if you use a nickname it will appear on your map in place of your first name.